Yash Pharmacy

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Our Vision & Mission

“Education for mankind.”

  • M1 : To impart high quality education and training in inter disciplinary aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences in an environment conductive to self-directed and guided learning.
  • M2 : Imbibing the knowledge of Pharmacy Practice to serve the needy patients and society in a better way.
  • M3 : Providing industrial exposure in producing quality medicines through knowledge of research and development.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO1 : Professional success
    To prepare students for successful careers in industry to meet the needs of Indian and Global pharmaceutical companies or to become an entrepreneur. Student shall be able to apply the knowledge of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences to solve problems of social relevance.
  • PEO2 : Lifelong learning, Higher Education
    Student shall be trained to engage in lifelong learning, career enhancement and adapt to changing professional and societal needs. The students shall be motivated and guided to pursue higher education in specialization of his / her choice.
  • PEO3 : Research
    To prepare students for identifying and engaging in query, developing new innovations, methods and products.
  • PEO4 : Ethical professional practice
    To impart highest levels of ethical standards and behaviour in students, so that they are recognized by the society as professionals with sound integrity, morals and ethics. The students shall be trained to actively adapt practices for Environment and sustainable development.
  • PEO5 : Communication skills
    To develop communication skills of students, wherein the students shall have excellent skills in written, oral, public, verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • PEO6 : Team player
    To provide opportunity for students to work in their individual capacity as well as to function as teams on multidisciplinary projects.