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Format for presentation of Best Practice -I

·         Title of the Practice – Utility time of Learning Resources

·         Objectives of the Practice– We intended to provide learning resources available to students 24x 7 all days of week to provide an opportunity to students read whenever and wherever possible. Literature books are also made available to students.

·         The context:  Usually thousands of books are available in college library; however, students do not get an opportunity to read these books as library timings are similar to college timings in many places. we wanted to do something for the students who do not wish to sit in library reading hall after college hours and still can help them with availability of resources in online mode 24 x 7.

·         The Practice: We keep library open for extended period of time. The library timings were changed from 9.00am-5.00pm to 7.00am -12.00midnight all days of month except Sunday. Student staying at longer distance from college could not utilize the benefit. Hence we devised learning manual system an online portal free of cost accessible to students on registration through their emails. We were happy to observe all students immediately registered to the learning management system and could access the learning materials.

·         Evidence of success: We have witnessed improvement in result pattern post implementation of these resources. Our passing percentage has significantly risen and is about 90% since implementation of these activities. A time was there say about 2014-15 to 2017-18 wherein the pass percentage of students was about 50%. However, with the introduction of extended hours of reading room, library timings, learning management system our results progressively increased and now currently the passing percentage is about 90%.

·         Problems encountered and resources required: When we decided to extend the timings of library reading hall initially one problem we were in anticipation i. e security of students sitting in the library reading hall especially during night hours up to 12.00pm. Even girl students were anticipated to use library up to 10.00pm. In order to make sure parents and students feel secured we provided a security guard for 12 hours’ duty from 7.00pm -7.00am. Additional staff was provided in the library reading room during night hours.

·         Notes: To provide extended hours of library i.e. from 7.00am -12.00 midnights in a single institutional campus conducting only B. Pharmacy course was a challenging situation in comparison to multi institutional campus with independent library set up. However, in the interest of students not only extended hours of library but 24 x 7 learning portal was also made available. 

Format for Best Practice-II

1.      Title of the Practice: Individual Mentoring and guardian teacher

2.      Objectives of the Practice: Individual mentoring system and concept of guardian teacher was initiated with an objective of providing a platform to students whereby any/all students’ will have an opportunity to interact freely on their concerns with assigned teacher. In order to maintain a healthy atmosphere and avoid communication gap student/parent can also approach guardian teacher any time with prior intimation of meeting. Removal of communication gap certainly helps and ensures parent, student, teacher are united together with a common motive of better future prospect for student.

3.      The Context: Any Student admitted to institution may have many things in mind going on and hesitates to share with parents and teachers. During this period of uncertainty, a student can be disturbed and unable to concentrate on studies. We intended to provide an environment whereby student has access to his/her assigned teacher with whom they can share their concerns. If any student is having any problem he/she can contact with the concerned guardian teacher, however if there is no problem he/she is required just to meet the concerned teacher once weekly and apprise them of their well- being.

4.      The Practice: A student having gained admission to B. Pharmacy first year is assigned a guardian teacher within the first week of start of his/her college typically during induction program. An effort is made whereby not more than four students of a class will be assigned same guardian teacher. They should immediately contact their guardian teachers and register themselves with their basic details and join the WhatsApp group of the teacher. In case of urgency messages are floated on WhatsApp group either by students or guardian teacher. During the induction program itself students are apprised of this mentoring and guardian concept and the method to be adopted. Similarly, to keep guardian teachers aware of various concerns and development of their students it is mandatory for students to seek signatures of their guardian teachers on whatever communication they make with office or with other professional agencies

5.      Evidence of success: Since the inception of guardian teacher concept we have witnessed significant drop in the concerns and grievances being raised during monthly parent’s teachers meeting. It is only because of our mentoring system and guardian teacher concept now we do not require monthly parent’s teachers meet.

6.      Problems encountered and resources required: Time was the major constraint in the entire process to be devoted both by faculty and students. However, over a period of time both faculty and students started to realize the benefits of guardian teacher concept and has eventually leaded to better acceptance of the concept.

7.      Notes: Since the inception and acquaintance of this system we have observed a significant drop in the grievances whatsoever in the area of academics, examination, training, placement drop in the need of monthly meeting and better feedback by students and all stakeholders.