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Faculty Profile (Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department)

Pharmaceutical (medicinal) chemistry is involved with the design (drug design) and synthesis of biologically active molecules. The aim is to obtain new chemical molecules that could facilitate the discovery of new pharmaceuticals or optimize already known drug structures, thereby extending the portfolio of chemical drugs.

Pharmacy without chemistry is quite difficult. Most of the subjects like medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, physical pharmacy, the chemistry of natural products are based on chemistry as indicated by the name itself. You require basic knowledge in chemistry to succeed in these subjects.

The department of pharmaceutical chemistry is committed to taking lectures in the subjects of general chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical / medicinal chemistry, and pharmaceutical analysis for the undergraduate students in the four-year B. Pharm course.

We start the B. Pharm course with Pharmaceutical (Medicinal) chemistry. Pharmaceutical (Medicinal) chemistry is a very important subject. It is the extremely essence of all life on our planet. The department does well equip to introduce these fundamental subjects to the students so that a sound foundation is placed at the very beginning. This foundation works as the building block for all other subjects in the entire B. Pharm course. A pharmaceutical chemist by any other name could be a synthetic organic chemist, bioorganic chemist, natural product chemist, physical organic chemist, organometallic chemist, computational chemist, material chemist, etc. among a host of super specializations. Chemistry is to biology what notation is to music and the department is all poised to make the students take a step towards chemistry.




Mr. Ashok Sarjerao Narute


Assistant Professor, HOD

Dr. Gajanan Anandrao Vaishnav

M. Pharm; PhD

Associate Professor

Mrs.Suvarna H. Kale


Assistant Professor

Miss Rekha Iaranna Gajare


Assistant Professor