Founder Director

Pharmacy education is the foundation on which the edifice of entire Pharmaceutical industry, Technology, Research & Clinical Pharmacy is built. The primary purpose of Pharmacy education is to develop technical human resource, novel approach & development of future health care professionals in the field of drugs & pharmaceuticals.

     We, at ‘YASH’ have the determined mission. At present, there is a plethora of Pharmacy Colleges allover. Choosing a right Institute for a basic technical education is very vital. The lavish elevations, colors, marbles and histories are all secondary in the field of education. The quality & care at the education matters primarily.

     With ‘YASH PARIVAR’ we call it a ‘Student Friendly Institute’. The team here is bound to deliver quality Pharmacy education to meet the changing Socio-economic needs, with human values & purposeful responsibility. Sure you will feel the difference…

 Dr. Subhash Devdhe Patil ,
  Founder Director.